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Attack Type:


Surge 1:

Surge 2:

Surge 3:

Surge 4:

Ability 1:

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Ability 3:

Ability 4:

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Icons - putting one of the following names into square brackets [ ] will replace the text with the icon. [dodge] becomes E. Icons replacing is not case sensitive.

Font - You can also bold or italicize text by surrounding the text with parens ( ) for bold, and curly brackets { } for italics.

Dice - Dice images will also be replaced by putting the color into brackets. [blue] becomes .

When entering dice values into the Attack & Defense slots you only need to enter the first letter of the color, so r becomes .

Look at some of the sample cards at the top of the page for ideas of how to use the site. Below is the list of text options that can be replaced with Imperial Assault icons.

[damage] : H
[surge] : B
[strain] : C
[block] : G
[evade] : F
[dodge] : E
[Tech] : I
[Insight] : J
[Strength] : K
[empire] : V
[rebel] : W
[scum] : U
[neutral] : X
[Armor] : R
[Equipment] : S
[Skirmish] : s
[Campaign] : c
[action] : A
[attack] : Q
[ranged] : O
[melee] : P
[threat] : D
[pWild] : e
[pEvade] : f
[pDamage] : g
[pBlock] : h
[pSurge] : b

Bold : Surround with ( )

Italic: Surround with { }

[red] :
[yellow] :
[green] :
[blue] :
[black] :
[white] :

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